A list of our current and past projects will be here soon.

We are keen to engage on community projects where we are able to help.

If you'd like to talk to us about a project you have in mind please drop us a line.


  1. Eight men have helped empty the warehouse and fill a large skip. The 'Shed' is now empty and waiting for the legalities to be completed so that we can start getting it ready for use. Watch this space!

    1. Alan Richardson5 June 2015 at 01:18

      Hard work but we had a laugh- that's what it's all about. The cake was a bonus. Looks like painting is next!

  2. Blair Williams6 June 2015 at 23:18

    Thank you to the founder members of the Halesworth Men's Shed for the warm welcome I received at the morning casual meeting held on Saturday 6th June at Chinny's Cue Club. It was nice to enjoy a cup of coffee and a chat with a group of friendly individuals which is a rare thing this day and age. The business side of the meeting was well taken with everyone at-tentative and willingness to share Ideas which were listened to by all members. After a guided tour of the warehouse I came away with the feeling that I had already been accepted into the group . I am now poised with a paintbrush in hand ready to help with the next step of getting the Hub ready . See you all at the next meeting or even before .

  3. Link copied to the testimonials page ..

  4. We've had fun in the last week vacuuming and sweeping away a lot of the dirt left after removing furniture. Another new member joined and two more showed interest. Had a good meeting with a local company that might give us paint etc and we hope to get the place all painted out by the end of June. We have agreed to operate as a project of Halesworth Volunteer Centre who will take on responsibility for our running costs, leaving us to find finance for tools purchases and interior fittings etc. - a good result! We are aiming for a formal opening in September. About 30 men interested so far - really pleased about that and raring to go! Three of us going tomorrow (Monday) to the Eastern Regional Men's Shed Promotional Event in Chelmsford where we will talk about our experiences so far. Should be a great time. No meeting at Chinny's next Saturday - too many men away. Back there on 27th at 10am if anyone wants to meet us.

  5. Pearce and Kemp the electricians are going to the Shed today 17 June, to do some further work to the electrics so that they comply with the regulations.
    It looks like there are several promises of materials that could land on our doorstep rather soon. Paint sounds like one of them.
    If everything happens at once (which it usually does, doesn't it?) we'll have to be careful not to paint ourselves into one corner with the materials in another!

  6. Our shed is unrecognisable from a few months ago. Painting long finished, kitchen/leisure area complete including plumbing, work benches built from scratch, various electrics completed, wood store fitted out and various machines and equipment bought and installed. It has been an amazing effort on the members part and we look like being on schedule for our official opening on 26 September. See you there..