If you are a member of Halesworth Men's Shed or if you have benefited from some work we have done and would like to share your thoughts with us and other readers of this site, this is the place to do it .. 

Your thoughts might encourage someone that is thinking about joining to make that call or send that email. Remember how you felt when you first joined and let us know the benefits you have gained from being a member.


  1. Thinking about joining us ? Read about Blair's first experience with the Halesworth Shedders here

  2. Having been a member for a short while , it has been fun to share experiences and banter with a group of men who all have had different tales to share and I look forward to getting more involved as time goes forward

  3. Blair Williams6 June 2015 at 23:18

    Thank you to the founder members of the Halesworth Men's Shed for the warm welcome I received at the morning casual meeting held on Saturday 6th June at Chinny's Cue Club. It was nice to enjoy a cup of coffee and a chat with a group of friendly individuals which is a rare thing this day and age. The business side of the meeting was well taken with everyone at-tentative and willingness to share Ideas which were listened to by all members. After a guided tour of the warehouse I came away with the feeling that I had already been accepted into the group . I am now poised with a paintbrush in hand ready to help with the next step of getting the Hub ready . See you all at the next meeting or even before .

  4. John D 29th June at 4-00 pm

    I have been with Halesworth shed from its start last year. I had only just moved into the area, and have made many new friends through the Shed. I believe the Shed movement is very important indeed, as getting older for men (and women) is in many ways about managing loss:- Loss of job through retirement or redundancy, loss of identity and status can accompany this, loss of the health and vigour that once perhaps could be relied upon, loss of mental agility goes hand in hand with this, loss of a life partner through bereavement or divorce. I have experienced more than one of these in the past few years, and having the opportunity to meet other guys who have had to deal with these sort of issues too has been a great help. The discussion of these experiences, even if only in light conversation, I'm sure will be increasingly beneficial to the membership's wellbeing.